Warcraft III Battle
Game information
Host SparrowHawk
Link Game thread: Warcraft III Battle BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date 02.08.2010
Winning Faction Humans &
Roster 1) Framm18

2) Filly678
3) JarZe (Limey)
4) Hirkala
5) Izzy
6) GMaster479
7) Lionheart87
8) yuiop
9) Glycereine
10) onetruth
11) Phaze (golfjunkie)
12) eli

First to Die Framm18
Last Remaining 8) yuiop

12) eli

Awards Best Mafia Game Brando 2010

Warcraft III Battle was a game designed and hosted by SparrowHawk based on the popular game Warcraft III. It has won the Best Mafia Game Brando 2010.

It began on August 2nd, 2010 and ended in a shared Human &
Orc win in N7 (August 17th, 2010).

Game Mechanics

This was a 4 Faction Mafia with a lot of special tweaks and twists:

  • It featured voting sequences during the day
  • Each player had a lot of abilities to choice from each night. Some abilities were passive, others were some ODTG.
  • There was no BTSC involved.
  • There were several abilities targeting roster positions (including dead players) instead of player names.


  • Burned: Any visiting action against a Burned player is considered an "attack" on that player and they will die if they are not somehow protected. The player who caused the Burn cannot be the cause of death as well. Two actions against that player are treated as two separate attacks.
  • Blocking: It is as if the blocked player took no action that night. If two players target each other for a block, it is as if neither acted, even if one had other actions in addition to the block. If an ability is blocked for a specific player, it still active for other players. For example, if the Orc Blademaster is targeted by Blizzard while he is Wind Walking, Blizzard has no effect on the Blademaster, but still affects the other targets.
  • Attacker: The source of any killing action (even one caused by Burn's effect).
  • Phase: One Night or one Day.
  • Period/Cycle: Two consecutive phases (usually numerically connected).
  • ODTG: Once During the Game: An ability that can only be used once. It can never be used with another ability (even with the effects of Brilliance Aura).
  • BTSC: Behind the Scenes Contact: Any communication that takes place outside of the main game thread.
  • Consecutive roster positions: Dead players are counted as occupying roster positions and the roster is considered to loop around at the edge, so locations 1 and 12 are consecutive.
  • Night actions: You pick one action from your list each night, unless you have an ability that says otherwise. And keep in mind, if you have an ability that says, "Up to X" roster positions, you can choose to select fewer than X positions if you like, but they still have to be adjacent.
  • Order of abilities: Unescapable Actions > Evade > Unblockable Actions > Block > Move Actions > Regular Actions. Everything in the same category happens more or less at the same time.

Role Description

Human Alliance: A resilient group of heroes. They don't have resources for information-gathering, but they are difficult to kill and can have some powerful coordinated abilities if they can find each other and figure out what the others are doing.


  • (Passive) His Divine Armor protects him from being Burned.
  • (Visit) As the protector of the divine, he can use his Holy Light to protect a player from death each night (cannot target himself). If he targets an Undead player, instead of protecting the player, it will Burn her/him.
  • He can cast Devotion Aura on up to three consecutive roster locations, granting Divine Armor to all of those players.
  • ODTG, he can cast Resurrection. He and all Humans are protected from death that night. Overrides unblockable kills.


  • Can summon a Water Elemental to die in his stead if he is targeted for death (attacker will be informed he was blocked).
  • He can cast Brilliance Aura on up to three consecutive roster positions. Players will be able to use two actions on the following night (could be two of the same ability, with some restrictions). If a player has used a ODTG ability, the player can choose to refresh that ability, allowing it to be used again instead of granting two abilities. This can only refresh ODTG abilities once and it doesn't have to be used the next night once refreshed.
  • (Visit) He can summon a terrible Blizzard on one player to Burn her/him.
  • ODTG, he can cast Mass Teleport to rearrange the roster however he wants. This takes effect after Animate Dead, but before any other actions.

Mountain King

  • (Passive) He doesn't take kindly to visitors. If he is attacked, he will Bash them on the head with his Storm Hammer. If the attacker is targeted by any player on the same night, the attacker becomes blocked.
  • (Visit) Being a Dwarf Lord, subtly is not his way. He can stun a player with a mighty Thunder Clap and block the player from acting.
  • He can sling a Storm Bolt from his hammer at one target, Burning the player.
  • (Visit) ODTG, he can summon the power of the Dwarven gods to become a powerful Avatar. He cannot be blocked or Burned and he can block and kill one player. This kill is unblockable.

Undead Scourge: The Undead depend on quickly killing the other sides, as this increases their power and ability to manipulate the field of battle.

Death Knight

  • (Visit) Can cast Death Coil on a player each night (cannot target himself). If he targets a fellow Undead, the player will be protected from harm. Otherwise, it will override any blocked kill attempt on the target, allowing the kill to go through anyway. The victim was slated for death and Death is not to be thwarted... :ninja:
  • (Visit) Can grant Unholy Aura to a player, granting the player additional speed to avoid death from one target. The affected player will still be killed if targeted for death from multiple players at once.
  • Can create a Death Pact with one player. If the Death Knight dies that night, the targeted player dies as well. Nothing can save a player from Death Pact (ie. Holy Light). He can choose to keep the pact each night and it will remain in effect as long as he takes no other action. Players are not informed if they are subjected to a Death Pact.

For example, the DK targets the Demon Hunter on N1. It succeeds. He chooses to maintain the pact on N2. Even if the DH uses Evasion on N2, since the pact was established on N1, it remains in effect.

  • ODTG, he can Animate Dead. He can change the locations of all of the dead players on the roster. All living players remain in the same relative positions. Animate Dead takes effect before all other actions (other than blocks).


  • (Visit) Can cast Frost Nova on a player, Burning the target.
  • (Visit) He can cast Frost Armor on a player to prevent the player from being Burned for the rest of the night.
  • He can consume a minion using Dark Ritual to grant him two actions the following night, or to expand the range of Frost Nova or Frost Armor to three consecutive roster positions the following night. However, each FN or FA still counts as a visit (ie. he is still affected by Immolation).
  • ODTG, he can cast Death and Decay on a roster position. The main target is killed, while the two positions on either side are Burned (total of five targets).


  • (Passive) Possesses a Vampiric Aura. Any night he is acting (ie. takes an action and isn't blocked), if he is attacked, he will sap energy from his target, making the player Burned for the rest of the night. This will protect him from a single attack, though a second attack on the same night will kill him.
  • (Visit) Can put a player to sleep each night, making the player unable to act.
  • He can summon a Carrion Swarm to create a stench around one player. All other players visiting that player will be blocked from acting on the targeted player.
  • ODTG, he can summon an Infernal to fall from the sky to block and kill his target. The kill is unblockable. The players on the roster to either side of the targeted player are also blocked.

Orc Horde: The Horde has a variety of methods to kill their opponents with some capacity for identifying allies and enemies. If they can coordinate their attacks, they can become a potent killing force.

Far Seer

  • (Visit) Can use his Far Sight to spy the faction of one player.
  • He can use his Chain Lightning to Burn one player. If the player is not killed, the lightning hits the player one position above him on the roster, Burning them. If that player does not die, it Burns the player two positions above him. The chaining continues, increasing one distance between chains, until the current target dies, it targets a dead player, it targets the Far Seer, the chain becomes a loop, or the current target cannot be Burned.
  • (Visit) He can summon Feral Wolves to aid up to two other players. If he targets two different players, the targeted player's actions block in addition to their other effects. If he targets one player, the targeted player's actions become killing actions in addition to their other effects.
  • ODTG, he can summon a mighty Earthquake to block up to five consecutive roster positions from acting.


  • (Passive) Due to the BM's talent with a sword he possesses a Critical Strike, making any killing action he takes unblockable.
  • Uses his Wind Walk ability to avoid detection. He becomes invisible for the night and all actions against him will be blocked. Cannot WW two nights in a row.
  • He can summon a Mirror Image to help him. He can choose to take no action other than summoning it to increase the number of MIs on stand-by or use them during that cycle. He can accumulate a total of three MIs to act on his behalf. Brilliance Aura and like effects will increase his MI count by one the night after they are used, though he cannot gain more than three. He can use one Mirror Image to distract a player, blocking the player from acting. With two MIs, they block and Burn the player and with three MIs, they block and kill the player.
  • (Visit x3) ODTG, he can swirl around the roster in a furious Bladestorm, wildly swinging his sword. He can target any three players, Burning them. (Keep in mind that Critical Strike affects all of his targets.)

Tauren Chieftain

  • (Passive) ODTG, if targeted for death, his spirit will Reincarnate and he will not die (Reincarnation overrides Death Pact since he technically does "die," but then immediately returns to life). He will be able to use all of his other abilities on the following night and cannot be blocked that night.
  • (Visit) He can stun a player with his War Stomp, blocking them from acting.

He can cast a Shockwave on up to three consecutive roster positions, Burning the targets.

  • (Visit) He can cast Endurance Aura on on player, causing the actions of that player to be a killing action in addition to any other effects.

Night Elf Sentinels: The Night Elves have powerful heroes who can coordinate better than some of the other sides. However, they can also cause each other grief since the Demon Hunter is estranged from the other two.

Priestess of the Moon

  • (Passive) She defends herself with Searing Arrows. If attacked, she will shoot at her attacker. If the attacker is visited by another player, he is Burned. He is Burned as a consequence of being visited by the player, so he will not die unless a second player also visits him that night.
  • (Visit) Able to use her Owl Scout to watch one player. She is informed who visited that player and the player(s) visited by that player.
  • She can cast Truesight Aura on up to three consecutive roster positions. Any killing actions taken by those players cannot be blocked.
  • ODTG, she can cast Starfall on five consecutive roster positions. The center position is killed, while the others are Burned.
  • Due to her deep connection to the Keeper of the Grove, if she targets him in any way, she is informed of his identity and any negative action she would take against him is blocked (ie. if the action would cause Burn or kill him). He is informed of her identity. No BTSC is established.

Keeper of the Grove

  • (Visit) Able to block one player each night with his Entangling Roots.
  • (Visit) He can summon a Treant for protection using his Force of Nature:
    • Can send it to protect a player from harm each night (can target himself).
    • Alternately, he can send it to augment a player's action, overriding a blocked kill attempt.
  • He can cast Thorn Aura on up to three consecutive roster positions. This will cause any players who visit those positions to become Burned.
  • ODTG, he can cast Tranquility to protect up to five consecutive roster positions from harm.
  • Due to his deep connection to the Priestess of the Moon, if he targets her in any way, he learns her identity. Any negative action he would take against her is blocked (ie. if the action would cause Burn or kill her). She is also informed of his identity. No BTSC is established.

Demon Hunter

  • (Passive) Immolation wreaths the DH in fire. Any player who visits the DH becomes Burned for the rest of the night. The player targeted by Mana Burn will not die if affected by Immolation on the same night.
  • (Visit) Can Mana Burn a victim each night, causing them to become Burned for the rest of the night.
  • Can use his Evasion to avoid all actions against him for a night (all actors appear blocked). Cannot Evade two nights in a row. Evasion negates the effects of Immolation.
  • (Visit) ODTG, he can go through a Metamorphosis to gain a powerful Demon Form. He cannot be blocked or Burned and he can kill one target. The kill is unblockable.
  • Due to the lingering animosity of the PotM and the KotG toward the DH, any action taken against him by either of them causes him to be Burned for the rest of the night.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

Game proceeds with Night and Day phases like regular mafia. No team has BTSC.

  • Night phase: Players choose a night action.
  • Day phase: Players vote for sequences as explained at the bottom.
  • Passive abilities are always active and will always be in effect unless specifically excepted.
  • If a player has more than one non-passive ability, s/he can only choose one to use each night (unless otherwise specified).
  • An ability counts as a visit only if it says so.

I envision it such that people can make any claim or suggestion they want to on the public thread. That will be the primary way most players disemminate information since only some sides have a spy role. People can claim different roles if they want, but they have to keep in mind that it might make them the target of unfriendlies as well. They can also offer suggestions like, "The Archmage should cast Brilliance Aura on positions 4, 5 and 6 tonight."

While I will remind people that there is no BTSC, it seems that there should be some method of secret planning. Thus I'm adding this sequence to the available list of daytime votes: Courier: Initiator can send and receive one message to target (make sure the host is CC'd). These sequences cannot be vetoed as they can take place immediately after passage. If agreed upon by the majority, the initiator will be able to send a single PM to the target and the target will be able to respond with one PM in return. Please make sure that both messages are also sent to the host.


I basically pulled the narrative out of thin air as I went along. Based loosely on the character of the Heroes in the game, I made it up as I went along. As for the Eye of Sargeras thing, I didn't start with that in mind as the MacGuffin, if you will, it was just a thing from the game that I thought would be good to explain why they were all wandering and lost. Then when it came time to start Day 1, I realized that I needed a reason why these beings who were all trying to kill each other would be somewhat restricted in their efforts during the day. I realized at that point that the Eye could serve that purpose as well.

  • Night 1: Framm died being burned. If yuiop hadn't blocked Framm, the Frost Armor would have saved him and made him look like something other than the undead.
  • Night 2: Lionheart says he sent a PM, but I never got it. Maybe it got lost on a server somewhere? He said that he had wanted to cast Blizzard on Glycereine. As it happened, this would have had no effect on the night.
  • Night 3: Lionheart realized after the night was over that he didn't have to boost GMaster with Brilliance Aura. I decided against letting him retroactively remove the cast from GMaster. Everyone was so focused on all the information Izzy was learning, while Hirkala was secretly laughing at all of them since he was getting twice as much information and no one noticed. Despite the fact that three things happened to Phaze that night, Limey didn't see any of it because none of them counted as visits. This is definitely something that I would change about the spy ability.
  • Day 3: Every member of the Night Elves was spied by a different faction!
  • Night 4: This was a crazy night. With Brilliance Aura in effect, I couldn't decide how to resolve some of the actions. I hadn't made a hard and fast rule about Evasion, but I decided at this point that dodge abilities like Evasion and Windwalk activate before blocks, so blocks fail against them. But GMaster was blocked by the Infernal, so he evaded Hirkala's Chain Lightning and was blocked in his attempt to burn yuiop. At this point, the Night Elves were the only side to go without a casualty and they were the best situated to win.
  • Day 4: Limey cast the deciding vote on his comrade, which really turned their chances upside down. Of course, he couldn't know that at the time.
  • Night 5: The Night Elves finally meet up... Though onetruth would have found out that Hirkala was not her friend anyway when she didn't get his ID after protecting him.
  • Day 5: Hirkala finally finds an ally with his spy. Though he had basically figured that out by process of elimination.
  • Night 6: Had onetruth used the Treant to protect JarZe, or if she had instead blocked yuiop, JarZe would have survived...
  • Night 7 At first, I thought that Hirkala had screwed up because of the Dwarf's Bash ability. It would have blocked TC because he was targeted by Hirkala. But then I remembered that Avatar blocks the target, so Hirkala couldn't act anyway and it made no difference. The Orc Horde's only hope for victory lay in yuiop trying to kill the Tauren Chieftain (which didn't happen), since he wouldn't have died that night and they would have had majority for the day vote.

Special commendations

Congratulations Humans and Orcs on your joint victory (though neither a human nor an orc actually survived )! As I said, I failed to ensure that their was a way for one side to win, so it's a stalemate.

Host disappointments

  • One thing I noticed with the sequence voting was that at least early game, the people who got on right away and posted sequences were more likely to get the sequence passed than people who came on later in the middle of the day period. The latecomers might support someone else's sequence and start their own, but the early arrivals wouldn't necessarily reciprocate once they had what they wanted. Considering the time difference for some players, that meant that inopportune period shifts might have put them at a disadvantage. I'm not sure how much of an impact it had, but it did seem to be that way at first.
  • Definitely one thing that I would change is get rid of the concept of "visiting." In fact, I was thinking that it would work better as a true "Roster Mafia" (as it has been called elsewhere), in which the positions on the roster are significant and people can manipulate and target the roster positions, rather than the people. So everyone would be targeting positions, not people for all abilities and there would be a concept of "moving" where instead of taking a night action (or perhaps in addition to taking a night action in some cases), you could shift your position on the roster. That would actually make the Mass Teleport and Animate Dead abilities have more of a purpose than they had in this game.

Alternate endings

  • The Orc Horde's only hope for victory lay in yuiop trying to kill the Tauren Chieftain in Night 7 (which didn't happen), since he wouldn't have died that night and they would have had majority for the day vote.

Winning Faction


  • Hirkala - Far Seer
  • Glycereine – Blademaster
  • eli - Tauren Chieftain


  • Izzy – Paladin
  • Lionheart - Archmage
  • yuiop - Mountain King

MVP: None (host's decision)

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

  1. Framm18 - Lich - Killed N1
  2. Filly678 - Dreadlord - Killed N6
  3. Limey/JarZe - Priestess of the Moon - Killed N6
  4. Hirkala - Far Seer - Killed N7
  5. Izzy – Paladin - Killed N3
  6. GMaster479 - Demon Hunter - Killed D4
  7. Lionheart - Archmage - Killed N4
  8. yuiop - Mountain King
  9. Glycereine – Blademaster - Killed N3
  10. onetruth - Keeper of the Grove - Killed D6
  11. Phaze – Death Knight - Killed N3
  12. eli - Tauren Chieftain