Witch Hunt Mafia
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Host Yuli
Size Players 13 (Mid Sized)
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Witch Hunt Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Yuli based on own design.

It began on month day, year' and ended in a Goodie/'Baddie/Indie win in N / D (month day).

Game Mechanics Edit


If the Indy wins, the game is over. In the event that the Forest Dwellers and Order and Chaos meet their appropriate WINCONs at the same time, the Forest Dwellers also lose, even if Order and Chaos are killed that same night/day.

In a land of myth and a time of chaos, three sisters are being hunted by the King's Guard, led by the bold Prince Tievos. After several days hard ride, the Prince's party comes to the forest where the witches are rumoured to dwell. What awaits them, however, is a puzzle so mysterious--cursed by a magic of unidentity which hides the true names of all things. Every day, the souls of the creatures in the forest replace the body and are summoned to a clearing. The clever prince, knowing of the power and wickedness of the witches, has devised a means of identifying his allies (allowing for BTSC).

OOA is Block > Trap > Save > Kill >> Spy

Role DescriptionEdit

  • Forest dwellers--WINCON: Eliminate the King's Guard.
  1. Elchra -- Eldest of the three sisters. She is physically blind, but can see the natural auras of anyone she looks at (faction spy). If she touches a person, she also learns their identity (role spy), but the person is informed that they have been touched. If a touched player is Order or Chaos, Elchra will die immediately. If she touches Guidry, the dog will bite her finger off and she will be unable to use the touch ability again.
  2. Courta -- The middle child who was always overlooked. Her vote counts as x0. She has an uncanny ability to summon creatures, however, and may summon one or two to vote in her stead, if she wishes. (Self vote manip, x0, x1, or x2)
  3. Nina -- The youngest of the sisters who has a knack for everything. Bright-eyed and brilliant, she can duplicate the (active) night or day action of any player. She chooses a subset of three roles before the start of a cycle and the chosen one is random. The host will PM Nina which action she will have for that cycle.
  4. Grszl -- A werewolf who inhabits the forest. Several years ago, the witches gave him the ability of common speech and he has been grateful and friendly ever since. He may save one target per night. Once during the game, he may RID save from lynch any of the three sisters.
  5. Vledaucht -- A vampire who lives peacefully with the witches, who created a daytime environment in which he could live, although it is still unpleasant. As a vampire, he cannot die at night. During the day, however, every vote for Vledaucht counts as +1 (after vote manipulation). (Passive)
  6. Chamber -- A fairy who keeps a secret layer within the forest's lake. She may lure one person to her lair every night (trap). Additionally, she may choose to stay in her lair during the day. Her vote will count as x0, but she will learn the role of the trapped player.
  7. Drasil -- The spirit of the oldest trees that keeps the forest's magic in balance. If he is lynched, his role is revealed but he does not die. If he dies or is lynched, the magic of the forest will then be broken and the King's Guard will be able to use their secret weapon.
  8. Emmerling -- The river that runs through the forest. If she knows a true name, she can animate an object to remove the person from the forest (RID Kill).
  • The King's Guard--Has BTSC and Night Kill--WINCON: Be in majority.
  1. Prince Tievos -- Heir to the throne of Amynia, the prince is a clever, silver-tongued lad. He has the ability to persuade the vote of one player each day (vote redirect [including multipliers, but not the +1 for Vledaucht unless the vote is redirected to Vledaucht.])
  2. Guidry -- The Prince's magical hunting dog. He can sniff out any target based on role. Guidry targets a role and is given the name of the player. Because of the extraordinary magic, however, anyone spied by Guidry cannot be lynched or killed the following day and night and if lynched, role is not revealed, but it will show that the player was saved by "residual magical properties of Guidry the Dog". Can never target the same player twice.
  3. Orivior -- The Mage Royale of Amynia. He has a Bag of Secrets, but cannot seem to open it in the forest. SECRET ABILITY activated by the death of Drasil. He wears a ring that disguises his intentions. If he is faction spied by Elchra, he appears as a Forest Dweller. If she touches him, however, he appears as Orivior.
  • WINCON: Outlive/Remove all humans* from the forest. If one ever targets the other, they gain BTSC. They cannot kill each other.
  1. Order -- Two beings made of wind that help each other by opposing the other. Every odd night, Order gets a RID kill.
  2. Chaos -- Two beings made of wind that help each other by opposing the other. Every even night, Chaos gets a regular kill.
  • Humans are the three witches, the Prince, and the Mage Royale.

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