Ye Olde Mafia II
Game information
Host Prince_Marth85
Link Ye Olde Mafia II
Size 15 Players (Medium)
Start Date 29.11.2009
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) GMaster479

2) Pablos4pandas
3) JarZe
4) SomeGuy
5) CrazyPainter
6) blackcat1313
7) woon
8) Sayalzah
9) tpaxatb
10) Medji
11) DudleyDude
12) Izzy
13) Slick
14) Framm
15) Lost in Space

First to Die Izzy &


Last Remaining 7) woon

9) tpaxatb
10) Medji
13) Slick
14) Framm

MVP Medji
Awards -

Ye Olde Mafia II was a game designed and hosted by Prince_Marth85 based on previous design in Ye Olde Mafia.

It began on November 29th, 2009 and ended in a Goodie win in D3 (December 9th, 2009).

Game Mechanics


  • Night/Day: Nights and Days will be the standard 24 hour cycle. The first night and day will be extended for BTSC set up to be fully established.
  • Role Revealing: Even if it is untrue. Ability will be taken in the event a role is revealed.
  • Coded Messages: Let's not have a repeat of last time. No coded messages.

Role Description

Baddies: Win by killing all the innocents and the independent. Or if they become the majority. (Chooses 1 player to kill every night.) Have BTSC.

  • Undead Knight – The Dark Knight raised as the Undead. Cannot die at night. If saved by the cleric, will be killed by the cleric’s white magic.
  • Dark Magician – A powerful dark mage. Can cause a player to appear as any role he wants.
  • Rogue - Master thief...There's nothing he can't steal. Steals a players role ability each night but cannot steal the same person 2 times in a row, cannot steal the ability of a team mate. (The person he target’s loses their ability)
  • Recruit - New member of the group. Takes on the role of baddie that dies. Always appears as "Recruit" if checked by the Sage.

Innocents: Win by killing all the baddies and independent

  • King - May PM the host at any time during the vote to end the day early. (Please note the post number in the PM.)
  • Prince - Order's the guards to capture one player each DAY. That player cannot be lynched that day or killed the next night and will be released the following day. There is a 25% chance that the prince will learn the role of the one he captured. The Prince may not capture the same person again. If the King dies, the Prince becomes King and gains the King’s ability on top of his own.
  • Knight Captain - Kills each night. BTSC with the Squire. Cannot die as long as the Squire is alive.
  • Squire - BTSC with the Knight Captain. He admires the captain will not allow him to come to harm. (Does not die for Captain this time)
  • Cleric - May save one player each night including himself but not the same player 2 nights in a row.
  • Sage - May investigate 1 player each night and learn their role.
  • Tower Guard - May watch a player each night and see the action they take.
  • Town Guard - May protect 1 player each night. However, if the person he protects is targeted, he dies instead. (Outed if he dies in this way)
  • Bard - Uses a magical lute to cause a player to uncontrollably begin to dance, negating their night action.
  • Coroner - Learns the identity of any role that died that night.

Independent: Must outlive the King, Prince, and Undead Knight.

  • Exile - Can kill each night.

Host's Summary

As stated in the game posts, my interest in this game was kinda low by night 2. Friendly fire was looking quite likely. I was reading the conversation between slick and GMaster and slick had pegged EVERY baddie as a goodie. Things weren't looking well. But then on Day 2 Medji restored my interest with his skillful use of his ability that managed to get 2 baddies at once. Though, last night Framm originally targeted JarZe and I knew the goodies had it in the bag, but when Framm changed his target from JarZe to Medji, I thought the baddies were back in the game. But JarZe stole Framm's ability and used it on CP releasing Medji to use his ability again. And Medji once again used his ability to its full extent and saved woon while taking down the remaining 2 baddies in one blow. Never in my time of playing have I ever seen a day ending ability used so well. Though, if he didn't have the kidnap as well, it may not have worked as well. But I must say, well done by all both sides. Unfortunately Izzy never had a chance as the baddies stole her ability and killed her the same night. But I had fun with this one. I apologize that I was a little behind in the beginning with posts. Congrats to the goodies!

Winning Faction


  • GMaster479 - Squire
  • Pablos4pandas - Coroner
  • SomeGuy - King
  • CrazyPainter - Cleric
  • blackcat1313 - Town Guard
  • woon - Sage
  • tpaxatb - Tower Guard
  • Medji - Prince - MVP
  • Slick - Knight Captain
  • Framm - Bard

MVP: Medji (host's choice in final post)

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: Prince marth85

  1. GMaster479 - Squire - Killed N2 by Undead Captain
  2. Pablos4pandas - Coroner - Killed N2 by Knight Captain</span
  3. JarZe - Recruit - Lynched D3
  4. SomeGuy - King - Killed N1 by Dark Magician
  5. CrazyPainter - Cleric - Killed N3 by Recruit
  6. blackcat1313 - Town Guard - Lynched D1
  7. woon - Sage
  8. Sayalzah - Dark Magician - Lynched D2
  9. tpaxatb - Tower Guard
  10. Medji - Prince
  11. DudleyDude - Undead Knight - Lynched D3
  12. Izzy - Exile - Killed N1 by Rogue
  13. Slick - Knight Captain
  14. Framm - Bard
  15. Lost in Space - Rogue - Lynched D2