Player bio

Name(s): Yuli, Molly Mae, MM, Molly

First Mafia Game: Forest Mafia (Era 4.1)

On MafiaManiac: Yes

Favourite Game(s): Titanomachy, Amber, Amber Mafia III

Other notes:

  • Has been playing Mafia since April 2009.
  • Known as "The Lone Gunman", he prefers playing as a baddie.
  • Favourite part of Mafia: The community that once was...
  • Known flaws: His overconfidence is his weakness.
  • Favourite quote: "Most games doesn't hinge on a clever tactical play or deception, but instead in trust and in solid strategy. More players, however, want that clever tactical play and prefer it to any kind of long term strategy."
  • Molly's Blog
  • Wiki Administrator
  • Member of the Died N1 Club


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Mafia Record

Overall 29-19

Goodie 14-8

Baddie 6-6

Indy 2-5

Other Faction 7-0